Bulletman Kit!

This year's G.I. Joe Convention Customizing class will feature a build from the classic Adventure Team! As we continue bringing you interesting and unique characters from the entire G.I. Joe lineup. Bulletman is a somewhat storied character from the annals of G.I. Joe history, being its first resident super hero! Clad in red tights, with chrome arms and a shiny bullet shaped helmet, this character filled the imaginations of children in the early 1970's.

This modern era update features a new competitive cycling style jersey and a newly designed and updated Bulletman logo water slide decal. For the sake of durability (and to cut down on scraped knees), he now wears military style fatigue pants and high top lace up boots. His shiny silver arms and metallic helmet have not changed however, so his new look still says "Classy!". All the parts for your personal figure build are cast in the best quality urethane resins and are already the correct base colors, so only painted details need to be added as well as assembling your personal choice of legs/feet.

During the class this year, we will cover the customizing aspects of pre-paint preparation, basic assembly of class supplied parts (you add the legs of your choice), and water slide decal application. There will be instructors on hand to help out if you are new to customizing. All materials will be supplied for the class, but if you have a favorite type of paint or brushes you are encouraged to bring those with you to participate.

The parts supplied in class:

- NEW! Helmet
- Head
- Torso & hardware
- Arms
- Hands
- Water Slide Decal

Note: These custom figure parts are only available to those attendees that signed up for the Customizing class.

Bulletman Flying!