Zack Hoffman


ZACK HOFFMAN has been making his living in front of the microphone for over thirty years. His portrayal of Zartan, the evil Cobra mercenary, is a fan favorite among G.I. Joe fans. The release of the original G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero cartoon series on DVD has brought him new fans, which now spans three generations. Zack started out dubbing Spanish Soap Operas into English for Telemundo. At the same time he was working with the Improv troupe “The LA Connection” and joined the Screen Actors Guild when Ingrid Bergman used his voice for a few characters in the English looping of Fanny and Alexander. When the original G.I. Joe cartoon was being developed, most of the voices had already been cast by the time Zack was contacted, but as it turned out... director Wally Burr was having trouble finding just the right voice for Zartan. Zack’s audition was exactly what Wally was looking for and he was given the roll. Zartan appeared in 36 episodes and the 1987 animated movie.

Following the G.I. Joe series, Zack lent himself to another cartoon character. In 1986 he went on the road as Man-at-Arms in the live action show Masters of the Universe Power Tour, which toured the United States and Canada for over a year.

Occasionally Zack will step out in front of the camera as he did in films like Pee Wee’s Big Adventure and Untraceable, or television show like Highway to Heaven and The Fugitive. He also got the privilege of being part of the Encarta Learning Language program for Microsoft creating the character Jack Butterfield. The interactive program was a big success in China and Japan.

Zack lives and works in Seattle Washington. He has lent his voice to commercial clients like Microsoft, Hewlitt Packard, Lazy boy, the University of Washington and Tulalip Casino (to name just a few).

Today Zack continues to perform his one-man show Tuxedo Man to audiences across the country. For more about Zack, please visit his official website zackhoffman.com.