GIJoeCon Update!03/22/2013 - We have an update for those attending the show about a new process this year, that we hope will make the souvenir sales go faster:

Souvenir purchases are by a voucher system. No punching badges! Approved badges for souvenir vouchers are: General, American Hero, Sergeant, or Exhibitor (no Aides or Exhibitor Helper Badge). You will receive a souvenir voucher at package pick-up for this purchase option. This souvenir voucher entitles you to a “Limit of 1” of each of the exclusive 2013 convention souvenirs sold in our Club Store. Golden Ticket American Hero and Generals have "3 x Limit" of each exclusive 2013 convention souvenirs. BRING YOUR SOUVENIR VOUCHER WITH YOU when you enter the club store line on Thursday evening or Friday. The Souvenir Voucher is stapled inside your folder from package pick-up. Your Souvenir Voucher must be present at time of purchase and must be used in ONE single transaction. Once your souvenir voucher is surrendered, you will not be able to purchase more 2013 souvenirs until Saturday morning.

Your name badge is how you gain entry to the store. You will not be allowed to purchase items for others by bringing loose badges. Each person must be present, wearing their own badge. Aides and Exhibitor Helper Badges are not allowed to buy exclusive 2013 souvenir items (if available) until Saturday morning.

GIJoeCon schedule!03/21/2013 - We have reached the convention registration deadline but you can still attend the show with General Admission on Saturday and Sunday.

Make sure you check out the Schedule of Events as well as the list of Panels and Seminars we have planned for this exciting show.

Click on the Schedule menu button to see the official schedule of events!

GIJoeCon deadlines!03/18/2013 - All of the 3 3/4" and 12" attending/non-attending set packages are SOLD OUT for the show!

If you plan to add any t-shirts or hats to your order you must do so by Wednesday. Exhibitors that are coming to the show need to register by midnight Wednesday or you will have to take your chances at the show with late registration.

Registration closes this Wednesday (March 20th) at midnight!

GIJoeCon Shirts!02/25/2013 - The deadline on pre-orders for the official GIJOECON t-shirts and hats/beanies is Wednesday, Feb. 27th midnight (Central)!

Please note that we will be placing the full order and there will only be a select number available in the club store at the show. If you want to ensure that you get your selected size, use the pre-order option on the Registration page.

Hotel Update!02/21/2013 - Our first two hotel blocks are completely SOLD OUT! By popular demand, we have now added a third block of rooms with special convention rate at the Courtyard Indianapolis Downtown.

Click on the Hotel menu button to make your reservations at the latest location.

For Exhibitors, the deadline for the discounted multi-booth price is next Friday, March 1st. Please get your registration completed before that date to take advantage of the lower pricing.

The latest count on the 12" Secret Mission to Dragon Island is: 16 total sets left, which includes attending and non-attending. If you want this set, you need to move quickly as they will be gone soon.

GIJoeCon Set Updates!02/14/2013 - We want to wish you all a Happy Valentine's Day as well as provide an update on our 2013 box sets. We are now sold out of:

American Hero Nocturnal Fire boxed sets (attending)
Loose Nocturnal Fire sets (attending)
Homefront Hero Nocturnal Fire boxed sets (non-attending) and Loose Nocturnal Fire sets (non-attending)

If you are interested in these sets, we have started a waiting list and to be on that list you must email admin2@funpubinc.com as we make a few extras to cover potential damage. If we don't use all of these reserve sets, we will contact you in the order of the emails received 6-7 weeks after the convention.

In addition, as of this morning, there are only 33 (total) Secret Mission to Dragon Island 12" sets left.

If you want to add a tour or souvenirs, you may log in and add to your order by using the package bypass to get past the package screen. Then you can add movie tickets, tours and T-shirts and hats. Please note that the KRE-O Build-off event is also sold out.

There is also a second room block at the Fairfield Inn & Suites. Click the Hotel tab for reservation information. This hotel is a couple of blocks away attached by the skywalk.

GIJoeCon Medal!02/08/2013 - Make sure to check out the latest additions to the 12-inch box set accessories on the Con Exclusives page. Also, watch for more previews and discussion on our official GIJoeCon Facebook page!

Click on the Con Exclusives menu button to see full previews of both the limited edition convention box sets!

GIJoeCon Registration!02/06/2013 - Registration for GIJoeCon 2013 is now online! All attendees, non-attendees and vendors can log-in to purchase convention packages and exclusive apparel for this terrific event.

Click the registration button on the menu to reserve your convention packages!

GIJoeCon Hat!01/31/2013 - As we near registration, it's time to show off the designs of the official 2013 convention exclusive T-Shirts and Hats. You can order these along with your package sets!

Click on the Con Exclusives menu button to see a preview of these ultra-cool and stylish apparel items!

AT preview 2!01/30/2013 - We hear that you want more previews of the convention exclusive 12-Inch Adventure Team box set. So, check out the Man-Of-Action in his tuxedo suit along with the diabolical Mr. Gorman in his Black Dragon chemical suit and weapon!

Click on the Con Exclusives menu button to see a preview of these exciting 12-inch uniforms and accessories!

AT preview!01/29/2013 - We're ready to showcase the convention exclusive 12-Inch Adventure Team box set. Check out the Man-Of-Action in his stealth jumpsuit along with his nemesis... the mysterious Mr. Gorman!

Click on the Con Exclusives menu button to see a preview of these exciting 12-inch action figures!

Night Force preview 3!01/28/2013 - We are thrilled to announce an additional guest to the GIJoeCon line-up. On hand for the entire weekend will be Bill Ratner, voice of Flint from the G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero animated series!

Click on the Guests menu button to view our special guest showcase and read their bio's! They will all be scheduled for discussion panels and autograph sessions over the convention weekend.

Night Force preview 3!01/25/2013 - Click on the Con Exclusives menu button to see a preview of the complete set of G.I. Joe: Night Force action figures that are part of the 3 3/4-inch box set.

Watch for upcoming previews of the 12-inch Adventure Team box set, Special Guests, Convention Registration and more exciting news!

Cobra Demolitions Team preview 2!01/24/2013 - The Cobra Demolitions Team completes their ranks with a troop builder and exclusive new female Cobra saboteur as part of the 3 3/4-inch action figure box set.

Click on the Con Exclusives menu button to see a preview of the Cobra S.A.W.-Vipers and deadly Crimson Asp!

Night Force preview 2!01/23/2013 - Today we have added two more highly trained specialists from the G.I. Joe: Night Force unit. They are ready to handle the latest Cobra threat and fill out the ranks of the convention exclusive 3 3/4-inch action figure box set.

Click on the Con Exclusives menu button to see a preview of the Night Force: Swamp Fighter and the Psy Ops Officer!

Night Force preview 1!01/22/2013 - G.I. Joe: Night Force is a covert unit specializing in nighttime surveillance and defensive operations. Each team member has been selected for their enhanced skills, sophisticated hardware and advanced technology to surprise and vanquish any enemy!

Click on the Con Exclusives menu button to see a preview of the Night Force: Flame Weapons Specialist!

Cobra Demolitions Team preview 1!01/21/2013 - This week, we will be posting the convention exclusive action figure previews for our 2013 Convention Box Sets. We are starting with the 3 3/4-InchG.I. Joe: Night Force vs. Cobra Demolitions Team... and the bad guys could not wait to be showcased.

Click on the Con Exclusives menu button to see these exciting product previews! Also, keep watching this site for daily updates.

Brochure Online!01/18/2013 - We are very excited to announce that our 2013 Official G.I. Joe Collectors' Convention brochure is available online! Read all the information about the events and packages. Plus, get the details on both the convention exclusive 3 3/4-inch and 12-inch action figure box sets. Click on the Information menu button to check out all the convention details!

Please review the brochure information. If you have any questions, please use the Contact Us link and we will create a FAQ page with the answers!

Hotel Update!12/05/2012 - You can make hotel reservations for GIJoeCon 2013! The JW Marriott Indianapolis is now accepting hotel reservations for our upcoming event. Through their website you can book, modify or cancel your hotel reservations at any time and receive updated information about the event.

Click the hotel button on the menu for more information and reservation link!