Question: If I purchased two attending packages (General and Real American Hero, do I receive two vouchers for the souvenirs so that I can purchase two of each?
Answer: No, they are one per person no matter how many packages you get.

Question: I see on the schedule there will be a parachute drop, how do we sign up to be a volunteer for it?
Answer: Sign up sheet will be in the GIJCC Information Booth at the show.


Question: Will there be any surprises in the 12-inch format at the show this year?
Answer: Yes.

Question: What credentials do we need when we show up on Thursday to get in?
Answer: A printed copy of your email confirmation and photo ID.

Question: Are the autographs free and what are the limits of pieces which can be signed, or what are the costs?
Answer: If you are registered attendee they are free. General Admission has to purchase a $20 autograph band, 2 items through line each time.

Question: Do you plan to have another "lets make a deal" table at the show?
Answer: Yes.

Question: Can photos for the photo contest include the G.I. Joe trademarked logo?
Answer: Yes.


Question: What credit cards will be accepted by the club for exclusives at the show?
Answer: We accept Visa, Discover and MasterCard.

Question: If I purchased an attending package and find out later I can't go, can I convert to a non-attending package?
Answer: Yes but there is a $25 change fee + shipping cost.


Question: The website lists April 4-7th but only shows Saturday and Sunday for the general admission. Is the show open to the public on Thursday or Friday?
Answer: No. Thursday and Friday are for registered package holders only.

Question: Will there be information on a shuttle service like previous years? If so will there be a discount?
Answer: Shuttle information is in the brochure under the Information tab.


Question: I wanted to check if the beard on the 12-inch Sebastion Gorman figure is flocked or just molded on?
Answer: It will be flocked on the figure.

Question: What is the policy for a sales booth at the convention in relation to 3rd party products?
Answer: There is no policy as to 3rd party products or other styles. The only issue you could have is if your product infringes on Hasbro Trademarks (knock off's) which in the G.I. Joe arena only really falls into some of the customizer casts. 50% of your product has to be G.I. Joe or G.I. Joe related (other same scale action figures, accessories, etc.).


Question: What era of G.I. Joe do the dealers sell at the show?
Answer: All eras of G.I. Joe (1960's to present) and some other action figures and toys as well.

Question: If I want to attend to get autographs, can I just show up at the door and purchase a general admission pass?
Answer: General Admission is at the door and you will need to purchase a separate autograph band to get autographs. Registered attendee prices include autographs.

Question: Are autograph bands and general admission passes on a limited quantity basis that may sell out in advance of the show?
Answer: No, these are not limited.


Question: When will the show schedule be released?
Answer: The schedule will come out about two weeks prior to the event.

Question: I wanted to check when the remaining exclusives will be announced?
Answer: We don't pre-announce the convention souvenirs. You find out at the show.


Question: I'm planning to be a dealer at the show and wanted to know what to put on the required state tax form if I don't have a federal tax number?
Answer: If you are a sole proprietorship, just leave the Fed Tax field blank. You will put in your SS # where it asks for the owner information.

Question: I bought the attending American Hero box and loose set and wanted to know if they get mailed to me or do I pick them up at the convention? If so, will the info get emailed to us with the details?
Answer: If you registered for the attending package, you pick them up at the show. If you ordered the non-attending (Homefront Hero) they are shipped 3-4 weeks after the show and you have no admission to the show. Registration pick-up times will be emailed about two weeks prior to the show.


Question: I'm planning on going under general admission. Will convention exclusives be available for general attendees or limited to those who have registration packages?
Answer: If you want a boxed set you must register before they are all gone. We do not believe that any will be available at the convention. We don't know in advance, but all souvenirs could potentially be sold out before Saturday.

Question: If I get the non-attending package, will I be charged at purchase or right be for it ships?
Answer: When you order. This is a firm order policy.


Question: I ordered a set and wanted to see if I can pick up on Friday when I come there or do I have to make a special trip Thursday night to get them? Also, where do I get them at?
Answer: You can get them anytime we are open for registration pickup at or after your assigned time. Times will be sent a couple of weeks before the show.

Question: I registered but I was trying to go back in and order a t-shirt, hat and beanie. How can I do that?
Answer: Please go back to the log in and when you get to the package page, pick the package bypass, this will get you past that screen and let you add souvenirs and tours.

Question: I wanted to confirm that there will be a mini-comic included with the 12" box set?
Answer: Yes... a mini-comic is included as in previous years.

Question: If Golden Ticket holders can pick up their items on Wednesday. Does that mean they can potentially buy 6 of everything on Thursday night?
Answer: Golden Ticket holders can get 3x whatever we state is the normal limit. We have not posted any limits yet.


Question: When registration is active, can I place one order in my name and get 2 boxed sets and 2 bagged sets? or do I have to do 2 different orders?
Answer: You can order multiples at the same time.

Question: Do you know if the G.I. Joe Retaliation movie screening at the convention will be the normal viewing or the 3-D viewing?
Answer: We don't know at this time.


Question: I am interested in doing the convention as a dealer. How do I go about filling out the application?
Answer: You register as an exhibitor when the registration goes live.

Question: If we are not able to attend the convention, how do we order the box sets?
Answer: You register for the Homefront Hero non-attendign option when the registration goes online.


Question: Will there be first 100 and/or first day of registration bonuses such as figure jackets and pins?
Answer: Yes, this information is stated in the brochure.

Question: How many golden tickets will be available for the show?
Answer: We will have 76 American Hero and 25 Generals available.

Question: Will the 3 3/4-inch Iceberg figure be available for club members to buy on a 25th card at the convention like Footloose was in 2012?
Answer: Yes, a limited number will be for sale at the convention.

Question: I would like to get a convention package with the golden ticket option, what do I need to do?
Answer: You use the online registration when it is made live. We will send out an email to notify all club members.

Question: Is there a purchase limit on the convention exclusive souvenirs on Thursday and Friday as opposed to Saturday?
Answer: Not scheduled yet, however, there will be a time when we announce the limits.

Question: Would you please provide more details about the Golden Ticket aide package?
Answer: It is the same as the Aide but you get to go to the Golden Ticket meet and greet and can sit in the first three rows at the panels.

Question: I plan on attending the show and bring my family along with the aide packages. Can my wife and children buy the exclusives using the aide package, or would I need a golden ticket to but more then one of each exclusive?
Answer: Aide packages have no purchasing rights of souvenirs. They will need an American Hero or General's package to purchase souvenirs on Thursday or Friday.

Question: Do you accept PayPal or will I need to use a credit card to register?
Answer: Credit Card. We don't accept PayPal.

Question: I was wondering what the age cutoff is for needing to buy an aide's package for a child. I have seen where you state that a 1 year old doesn't need one but a 6 year old does, just wondering about the definitive age?
Answer: If you plan for them to eat at Casino Night. Also, this event is not appropriate for small children.

Question: How long will registration be open for attendee packages? Will I have at least a couple weeks?
Answer: Until we run out or about three weeks prior to the show.


Question: Does the Golden Ticket Aide include the 2,000 casino credits and ability to buy triple the amount of regular items? For instance, if I buy one golden ticket with the AH package, and then another AH package and a Golden Ticket aide do I get the casino credits and triple buying power?
Answer: Aides have no purchase rights, regular or GT. They get the extra $1,000 casino credits (total $1,100). The package allows them to attend all events with you including the additional Meet and Greet and sit with you in the front of the auditorium, and first entrance to the exhibit hall.

Question: I like the 3 3/4-inch action figure previews but I want to know if the actual paint colors will be that bright and shiny?
Answer: Please note that all computer monitors do not display colors the same. Our preview figures are shot under studio lighting and with flash photography. This will always make the colors look brighter then the final product.


Question: The previews of the Cobra Demolitions Team figures look great. However, I wanted to know why Cobra Mortal does not have a chrome head?
Answer: The manufacturer informed us that they do not have access to any company that can vac-metalize products as all of their suppliers have been shut down due to environmental protection issues.

Question: Like last year, do we get two sets of figures 1 in the box and the 2nd bagged?
Answer: If you purchase both. Please see the convention brochure for full details.

Question: I was planning to buy a convention package and wanted to bring my children with me to see the exhibits. What pass do I need for them?
Answer: If you want them to do everything you do, they will each need an Aide package. If you just want them to come to the Exhibit Hall on Saturday or Sunday, you can purchase a General Admission ticket for them each of those days. In that case, they would not have access on Friday.

Question: Can you send out an email to the club membership at least a day before the registration goes live?
Answer: Unfortunately we cannot. We will send out an email to everyone when it goes live and it takes about five minutes for all email to go out from our database.

Question: If I buy 3 Homefront Hero’s Packages do I also get 3 "BONUS ITEM" attendee pieces?
Answer: No. Only the attending package (American Hero) will receive the bonus item.


Question: I have downloaded and the read the 2013 information brochure. How do I register for the convention?
Answer: When it opens this week, you come back to this website and use the online registration link.

Question: When will we be able to register for the Homefront Hero package?
Answer: The plan is sometime this week. Can't say what day or time exactly. We will send out a club email when it goes live.

Question: When registration opens, can I buy multiple package sets under my name only? Or is it one boxed set per person?
Answer: Yes, you can buy multiple sets under your name. However, you only get one name badge at the show.

Question: I don't see anything about a parachute drop in the brochure. Will there be a paradrop figure this year?
Answer: All TBD. Convention souvenir items are never listed in the brochure.

Question: If my wife and I purchase convention sets, but she does not want to wait in line with me. Can I pick up my items and hers?
Answer: You can pick up her set with yours if you bring her ID.

Question: I was wondering if I had to purchase an Aide's package for my child (under 1 year old)?
Answer: No, but we do not recommend that you bring young children to the dinner as it is not appropriate.

Question: Will I be able to get an autograph(s) from Larry Hama (and if yes, will he charge a separate fee)? Also, can I bring something from my personal collection to have him sign?
Answer: Yes. For registered guests, there is no fee, just a limit of two items per time through line.

Question: For the custom contest, since there is no child contest, I'm assuming my child's submission joins the regular 1/18 contest? Is it okay for the entry to include a setting that requires a small shoe box?
Answer: Yes. As long as it fits in the footprint you can do what you want.

Question: I am just wondering how long will I have to buy a Homefront Hero package once it becomes available?
Answer: Until they sell out. We have no way to know.

Question: If I buy my American Hero´s Package and I´m not able to go. Can a friend get it for me?
Answer: No, a friend can't pick it up for you. What you would have to do is have your friend buy it in their name and then if you don't come, they can pick it up. If you do come, have your friend let us know to change the name on the package at least two weeks prior to the event.