Question: Will the 12" Crimson Guard paratrooper be available for sale on the club website or is it just a convention only item?
Answer: It will be on the club website only if we don't sell out at the show.


Question: When is the cutoff date to order the Homefront Heroes Package?
Answer: The deadline for checks is July 10. Credit Card order is July 31st.

Question: I was wondering how soon my Credit Card will be charged if I order the Homefront Heroes Package?
Answer: Credit Cards are charged as soon as we receive your order to make sure you get your set. Your package will be shipped 3-4 weeks after the convention.


Question: I'm a Officer Level Club Member but i'm not able to attend the show. If I want to get the Crimson Strike Team set, how can I still order it?
Answer: Please read the convention brochure. You want the Homefront Hero set which is the non-attending version.

Question: Is it possible to send in the registration form in any other ways than by fax?
Answer: Yes - you can send by Post Office mail.


Question: I am an Officer Level Member and interested in the 3 3/4" Crimson Strike Team convention set for non-attendees. I printed out the form online and wanted to make sure that the cost includes shipping?
Answer: Yes it does, unless you live outside of the USA.

Question: When I purchase the American Heroes package, will I get a schedule of all the seminars and events that I am entitled to, so I don't miss out on anything?
Answer: Not when you get your confirmation letter. Schedules will be posted online and will be in your program as well as on your badge when you get to the show.


Question: Do you have to purchase one of the packages to be eligible to compete in the Battle of the Boards competition?
Answer: We only require that the leader of the group have a package, (American Hero, General) the others could be Aides, Sgt. or in some cases, those who helped may not be there at all. If some of the group are Sgt's or
General Admission, they will not be at the Casino Night Awards Party when the winner is announced, so they will miss out on their award.

Question: If we are outside the U.S. and do not have a credit card right now, do you accept any other form of payment, like an international money order?
Answer: Yes. You can send an international money order as long as it is in U.S. dollars.

Question: This will be my first G.I. Joe Convention. Is there a general admission price to get in or do I have to purchase a package?
Answer: You can do either. Please read the brochure about the different packages and the General Admission. General Admission will be $12 per day limited to Saturday and/or Sunday.


Question: Will the Crimson Strike Team be in vintage crimson/fuchsia or more like the 25A Crimson Guards?
Answer: The color call-out matches the 25A Crimson Guards.

Question: What time is the G.I. Joe: The Rise Of Cobra movie screening on Thursday night?
Answer: What it says in the brochure is correct, the time is TBD but it will be in the midnight movie range. Schedules are not set at the theatre yet.

Question: Can you gain admittance to the Casino Night activities without purchasing a registered attendee package? If so, how much would that cost?
Answer: No. That option is not available.

Question: I am an artist interested in having a table at the convention. I sell originals and prints and they would be G.I. Joe related. Would this be allowed at the convention? I saw that there was a 50% action figure rule. Also, is the dealer room open on just Saturday or is it open both Saturday and Sunday?
Answer: Yes, but we have NO action figure rule. The rule is 50% G.I. Joe or G.I. Joe related items. Dealer room is open Saturday and Sunday.


Question: What day will the customizing class be? I would like to attend but I don't want to miss out on anything.
Answer: Thursday, August 13th. You would only miss out on the Tour that day.

Question: Will the JoeCon exclusive 3 3/4-inch souvenirs be 25th Anniversary-sculpt or will they be the vintage O-ring variety?
Answer: The souvenirs match the box set in 25th Anniversary-sculpt.

Question: If I register for the "American Hero package" as soon as the forms are posted, am I guaranteed to get the exclusive Crimson Strike Team set?
Answer: Yes, once you have ordered the package, it is yours. It does not matter when you arrive at the convention. It will be there for you.

Question: I will be attending the show and wanted to know how many extra convention pieces I can get for the "American Hero's package"? Is it one per attending package purchased or one per person?
Answer: Each boxed set that is in your name that you pick up at the convention will come with the extra attendee item. All packages you pick up must be in your name. You cannot pick up another persons set.

Question: I'm planning on getting the "American Hero package" and I was wondering what package I can get for my wife so she can have access to everything I do except for the figure set?
Answer: You will need the "Aide package". Although if you're planning on going to the screening of the movie, you will each need a ticket.

Question: I was wondering if there are discounts if you are staying at the hotel where the convention is at? Also, while I'm sure you can't comment on specifics, are there any carded figures planned as an exclusive?
Answer: The Hyatt rate is a discounted rate. You will want to stay at the Hyatt, as that is where all the activities take place. Otherwise if you drive in, you will have to pay for parking during the day. There will be other souvenir items but no carded figures.

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