Special Guest:

Half Kirk & half Law!
Law & Order!
Kirk Bozigian @ GIJoeCon!

KIRK BOZIGIAN was the original product manager for G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero.  He “wrote the book” on modern action figure marketing strategy and developed weapons and tactics used by action figure marketers today.  These tactics include strategic alliances with entertainment companies (Marvel Comics & Marvel Productions), “bio” cards, flag-point rewards promotions, and “toyized” play action features. As Vice-President of Boys Toys marketing, Kirk was among the first to recognize the growth of action figure collectors and their importance to the toy market.  He helped support and organize the very first G.I. Joe conventions. Kirk was also instrumental in creating the very first live action G.I. Joe Movie---which ran as a series a 30 second TV commercials to promote the G.I. Joe toy line.  Kirk plans to share his thoughts on these commercials and discuss the long-lost plots of G.I. Movies that were never produced at this year’s convention.

Kirk Bozigian is the owner of HKB Ideas a marketing and new product development company that specializes in helping businesses and inventors to launch their concepts. You can learn more about him at:


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