Special Guest:

Sam Speers!

SAM SPEERS began work for the Hassenfeld Brothers in 1960 after replying to an ad for for an engineer in the local Rhode Island newspaper. His talent was recognized immediately and he was hired on the spot. His first product for the company was the Frosty Snowman Sno-Cone Machine. It sold 200,000 units the first year (which made Sam a company hero). Soon afterward, Sam was put in charge of product development for our favorite hero: G.I. Joe! Sam spent many agonizing hours over how to construct the moveable fighting man. His original figure was held together with rubber braids from a company down the street. He spent the rest of his time in the 1960's developing more G.I. Joe products and creating hundreds of other toys and games. After retiring from Hasbro in 1980, Sam continued to design and develop all types of products.


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