G.I. Joe Con 2009 will be at the Hyatt Regency Crown Center in...
Kansas City, MO - August 13-16, 2009

baroness twins

Update 6/09/09 - This update we have pics from the 2009 JoeCon 3 3/4" boxed figure set!
In addition to the images previously seen in the G. I. JOE Collectors' Club Magazine,
we have rear views and closeups!
Click the images above to go to the figure preview pages!

Update 5/22/09 - We're half way there! Here is our SuperShuttle group link for 8/13-8/16/09:
You can call their 24 hour reservation office at 1-800-258-3826 - use code Q9P5L
or to book online...click here!

Update 4/28/09 - Over the last four days, we have sold 25% of the 3 3/4-inch
Crimson Strike Team sets. Don't miss out on these Limited Edition figures!

Update 4/24/09 - The Attendee/Non-Attendee and Dealer Registration Forms
are now online...click here and fax it in to 817-448-9843

Update 4/23/09 - F.A.Q. section is now online...click here!

Update 4/17/09 - The Convention Brochure is now online!
Please read the brochure and ask questions using the contact us link. FAQs will be posted back to this site.
Next week the Registration forms will be available! Please read the FAQs before you fill out your forms so that
they don't have errors on them. Also note that the convention sets are very limited this year!
Hope to see you all in KC!

Update 3/25/09 - Registration forms will be available very soon!
Meanwhile, we wanted to give you a heads up concerning some of the contests for this year:

For 2009, we are starting a new Battle of the Boards contest!
This one is so that you can show off the best your Board (or group) has to offer in diorama building.
Both scales will be in the same contest. Your only limit is size. You can use 1, 2, or up to 3 eight foot tables.
This gives you a dimension of 8' x 30", 8' x 60" or 8' x 90".
All we ask is that you register your entry by July 15. Setup for this event will be 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
on Friday August 14 (up to 8 people per entry will be allowed in during set up).

The winners will be featured in the Limited Edition Diamond version of the
G.I. Joe Collector's Convention Comic!

Also, we will be hosting the G.I. Joe Film Fest again so start working on your entries now!

More convention info to follow!

(Keep watching this site for more information!)