Question: Can we just pay an entrance fee at the door to get into the convention on Thursday?
Answer: Only registered guests come on Thursday night and Friday. The General Admission ticket is for Saturday or Sunday.

Question: Will those attendees paying the general admission cost (the $15 ticket) be admitted into the casino night event, or is it only for those that purchase a full package?
Answer: Casino Night is for package holders. General Admission is just the Exhibit Hall and the panels.


Question: How much money do I need for the convention souvenirs this year?
Answer: Costs have risen dramatically for these low run type of items. Plan to bring what you did last year plus around an extra $100 to make sure you can get what you want to purchase.

Question: Will there be "Let's make a deal" this year at the club store?
Answer: Yes, we will have items available.


Question: It looks like the attendee Oktober Guard sets are sold out. Is there an opportunity for me to register for the show and receive a bagged con set of figures instead of boxed?
Answer: No, those are sold out as well. You can still register for the 12-inch package as a General or as a Sgt.

Question: How do we sign up to be volunteers for the parachute drop?
Answer: You do that at the convention if we have it.

Question: Will we still see a preview of the G.I. Joe Retaliation movie?
Answer: No, the movie release date has been changed to March 2013.


Question: I was interested in getting a vendor booth as well as a Golden Ticket. Is there any additional sets I can purchase with the vendor entrance on top of the GT purchases?
Answer: Yes, you do them at the same time online. Sign up as a vendor first and after you have completed that portion, it will lead you through the attendee portion of the registration.

Question: Can we get a hint on what show Exclusive items we will be able to purchase at the show?
Answer: No, they are only announced at the show.

Question: Will the Con Dinner be buffet style or sit down table style this year?
Answer: It will be Buffet style.

Question: Can you tell us how many of each exclusive item we will be able to purchase?
Answer: Limits are not determined until we know how many registrants are at the event.

Question: Will we be able to pick up packages for our children, like last year?
Answer: Yes, they do not have to wait in line with you.

Question: Can we get the exclusive souvenirs (single figures, multi packs, vehicles, etc.) made available for purchase in conjunction with the non-attending package at registration or reserved in the Club store to be purchased after the show?
Answer: They are convention exclusives. This means they are available at the convention. Anything left will be in the club store after the convention.


Question: Why does your Voltar figure not come with his pet vulture?
Answer: Actually, his 1988 accessory was an Andean condor. The original tooling no longer exits and it was outside the set budget to create an all-new version.

Question: Will there be a special parking rate for attendees that drive into the hotel/show location?
Answer: No, it is the regular hotel rate. We could not get any deals. But you may want to check the public lots in that area.

Question: If I select the non-attendee package, will it be charged to my credit card account during registration or when the registration period closes?
Answer: All packages are charged when you place the order.

Question: I have a child that just turned 6, will he need an Aide Ticket?
Answer: Yes he will. Also, the casino dinner may be questionable for this age. Depends on the child.

Question: I want to be an exhibitor. How do I secure my spot and pay for my booth?
Answer: Soon as registration goes online (this week) you can sign up.

Question: Will it be possible to purchase an American Hero's or General's package for my wife as well as myself with my club membership?
Answer: Yes. Your membership covers: spouse, children, parents, siblings.

Question: Why did you use G.I. Joe stands and not make new Oktober Guard logo stands for the convention figures?
Answer: New tooling is very expensive and we were not authorized to modify/create new figure stands. Our focus was on making new figure heads for the convention set.

Question: Regarding the dinner dress code: is a polo shirt considered a valid option for "business casual", or should I wear a business shirt (long sleeve)?
Answer: A Polo style shirt is fine.


Question: If I want to register another club member with my registration, how do I get club pricing for them?
Answer: Because of all of the changes, you will now need to know the email account for their login AND their password. Otherwise, the system is going to give you non-member pricing for them. If you choose to process with the non-member pricing, we will NOT be able to adjust the price for you and refund the difference. We strongly recommend that all members do their own registration.

In addition, please remember that your membership only covers member pricing for your spouse, parent, child or sibling

Question: I have a child under the age of four that wants to go to the convention with me. Would I have to buy an Aide's package for him?
Answer: No... but the Saturday dinner event is not appropriate for children in that age range.

Question: During the official G.I. Joe Retaliation screening on Friday morning, will other activities occur like a parachute drop or exclusive selling?
Answer: No. Nothing other than the club store.

Question: What is the casino night all about?
Answer: It's a buffet dinner, costume contest, casino games with an auction at the end using the points you won during the evening.

Question: I am planning to buy the AH Package with one Aide. However I wanted to know prior to ordering if there is a general admission charge for the casino night if I add a friend?
Answer: The Aide package includes the dinner event. You must have a General, American Hero Aide or GT options to attend this event.

Question: Is the Homefront Hero package for non-attending members a bagged set or the full boxed set?
Answer: Non-attending packages are the same as attending packages with box set but not the free attendee item in terms of content. The ability to purchase a loose set is one per boxed set as long as supply lasts.

Question: I am a GIJCC member and interested in the Homefront Hero Package. Just to clarify, do I need to be physically present at the convention in order to qualify for this purchase, or can I order the package to have it shipped to my home?
Answer: If you plan to come to the show you order the American Hero package. The Homefront Hero Package is the NON-ATTENDING package which means you DON'T come to the show. You would pay for shipping which is figured at checkout for this set and it will ship 3-4 weeks after the show.

Question: I'd like to buy 2 box sets and 2 bagged sets (under the same name). If I purchase a Golden Ticket, will it cost an additional $300 or $600 (due to the 2 sets)? Also, are the limits on exclusives based per PERSON, or per BOX SET?
Answer: Souvenirs are limited by person, not boxed set. So, if you wanted two sets, you would sign up for a GT package and a regular package. You will only get the one GT name badge. Unless you have someone else coming with you, there would be no reason to purchase 2 GT packages as it isn't going to do anything extra for you. So your souvenir limits would be the triple offered under the GT plan. The extra package would not have any souvenir rights.

Question: I plan to buy the non-attending Homefront Hero Package from this years convention. I am just wondering if the price is the same for an international purchase and what the shipping would be (approximately)?
Answer: Shipping is actual price calculated at registration. Price of the set is the same for attending or non-attending.

Question: Is there a limit to number of home front hero packages you can purchase? If I attend the show, can I purchase an american heroes set, and also order home front hero set?
Answer: We reserve the right to limit all quantities. If you order a non-attending package, you will not receive the free attendee figure with that set. To get this item, you must pick it up at the show. You cannot do an attending and non-attending order at the same time. You will have to process two different registrations if you decide to go this route. Limits of souvenirs are based on attendees.

Question: I'm going to register my wife for a second attendee convention set and wanted to know if that qualifies her to purchase one of each souvenirs as well?
Answer: If she has an American Hero or General's package she has the same rights to purchase the souvenirs. However, Aides cannot purchase souvenirs until Saturday.

Question: In the past if you did a homefront hero package the shipping was free. Is this still the case, or not any more?
Answer: We use an online registration system now. Shipping is actual cost and calculated at the time of ordering.


Question: How long do we have to register and order non-attending sets?
Answer: Until they run out or we close registration on June 11th.

Question: I might not have the money for the 2nd bagged set and wanted to know if I can add it later?
Answer: Yes... but we may sell out and there may be an admin charge.

Question: Can a non-attending member purchase the T-shirt to be be shipped with their Home front package?
Answer: Yes. Hats and shirts can be ordered with the non-attending sets.

Question: I will be purchasing an American Hero package for the convention and need to know what time will package pickup be on Thursday?
Answer: It will start around 6pm.

Question: If we want a bagged set with our American Hero order, will we have the option of buying it at the show or does it have to be paid for at time of registration?
Answer: The bagged loose set can be ordered with your registration for either the American Hero or the Home Front Hero package. It is possible for these to sell out before the show.

Question: If I register for the con set package, will I need to pay additional to have my son with me at the various events?
Answer: Yes. He would need an Aide package as no one other than registered guests with badges are allowed in on Thursday/Friday or early on Sunday. Also you would want him at the Dinner event on Saturday and the Aide package covers this. It is for family members coming with you.


Question: I was wondering if this year's set and the possible extra figures will be up in the club store after GIJoeCon 2012?
Answer: There will be a limited number of non-attending packages available when registration goes live.

Question: This year I want to bring my wife and sign her up to get the boxed set and a bagged set. Does she have to be a GIJCC member, because currently - only I am a club member?
Answer: No, she is covered under your membership.

Question: I wanted to know if you will have a G.I. Joe Film Fest this year as I plan to submit a film for the contest?
Answer: We have not announced any convention details. If we have the film fest, you would be limited to 5-6 minutes. Details coming in the future.