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Last Update: June 2018

Q: How do I reserve a booth to sell as a vendor at the convention?
A: Exhibitor registration uses the same link as attendee registration. If you have a special request, like a 4 booth island, end of row…etc. you put that in your notes when you register. We try to accommodate as many special requests as possible but they are not always possible. Also, 50% of your product must be G.I. Joe related.
Update: Vendor Tables are SOLD OUT!

Q: Do you sell convention exclusives to your vendors?
A: You are limited by the vouchers you are given (which is per booth). If you purchase a convention set, you get a voucher for that package. If you have a Golden Ticket attendee package, you get 3x limit for the package, still one per vendor voucher.

Q: I read the brochure and the wording seems to imply that you will not have vehicle exclusives this year?
A: In the past, as a rule, we have not discussed souvenirs prior to the show in order to maintain excitement and the surprise of finding out at the show. We will continue this policy regarding specific details. We have had several inquires regarding the brochure and we would like to clarify that we have replaced vehicles with several other great items we think you will love.

Q: Do you accept PayPal when buying the souvenirs at the club store?
A: No, you can either pay with cash or we take Visa, MasterCard, and Discover credit cards.

Q: Are the Homefront Hero non-attending convention packages sold out?
A: Yes, if we have sets available when we get closer to the convention, we will move them into the non-attending cue. Currently, we must keep them in the attending cue for members that are coming to the convention.

Q: When does the convention registration period end?
A: Registration ends about three weeks before the convention, or when all the set packages are sold out.

Q: Are the 3 3/4" bagged sets sold out now?
A: Yes.

Q: Will the American Hero Package allow me to have a shot at any of the exclusives besides the boxed set?
A: Yes, all of them at the club store while supplies last.

Q: Do I need to purchase an aide's package for my 2 year old or can he/she just tag along with me?
A: No package needed, as long as they can sit in your lap at any seating events.

Q: Will the parachute drop be just for the golden ticket people?
A: The parachute drop is for everyone. The Golden Ticket holders will have first choice at participating as a "thrower".

Q: Are General Admission (day passes) available for Thursday and Friday?
A: There is only General Admission on Saturday and Sunday for the convention. To get in on Thursday and Friday, you will need an attendee package.

Q: Do you still have Golden Tickets available for club members?
A: Unfortunately, these are also sold out for the convention.

Q: Will the real life Sgt. Slaughter be part of the convention?
A: The Sarge will not be at the show as this is a contractual issue. We are not allowed to use his likeness.

Q: Are General Admission attendees allowed to come in their favorite character costume with prop weapons on Saturday & Sunday?
A: Costumes are welcome but we have a no prop weapons policy.

Q: If I've purchased a Convention set package, will I be able to bring my non-collecting spouse with me into the show?
A: No. You would need to add an Aide package or they can pay General Admission (day passes) on Saturday and Sunday. There is no GA on Friday.

Q: When do we pick-up the convention set packages and is the sales floor open on Thursday?
A: There is no sales floor on Thursday, however, package pick-up is Thursday night and access to the GIJCC store for convention souvenir exclusive purchases.

Q: Where can I pick-up my convention set package if I won't be able to make it to the show until Saturday?
A: Your convention set will be held at the late package pick-up area at the event.

Q: I checked the registration site and it seems Vendor Tables are no longer available?
A: That is correct. We are sold out for the event.

Q: I will be participating in the customs contest and have a medium diorama along with a small diorama. Is it possible to bring another figure to enter into the contest as well?
A: You can enter two items in each contest.

Q: I was looking at the convention schedule for this year and while there is a listing on Thursday for "Golden Ticket Only Private Club Store Sales", there is no listing for the club store being open for other registered guests until Friday. Is this a typo, or will only Golden Ticket attendees be able to purchase from the store on Thursday night? In years past, all registered attendees were able to go through the store on Thursday.
A: Yes, registered attendees go after Golden Ticket.


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