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Shuttle Info!

We had a hard time getting anyone to respond to us about a shuttle service. Only one responded. Below are the other services listed on the airport's website.

Only Taxi service that responded to us:

William Harris from A had Enterprises taxi and transportation of the ring from downtown to the convention center is $28 + $5 each additional person and we can accommodate as many as you have coming in at different times and get on the schedule and be no problem. And of course we take cash or credit.

William Harris (423) 314-8453

Other Taxi & Limousine Services:

Mercury Cab (423) 624-1084

Millenium Taxi (423) 267-2008

Nation Taxi (423) 987-9918

Nooga Taxi (423) 458-2701

Ride Sharing Services:

Also, you can always contact LYFT and UBER as needed.

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