Kirk Bozigian
Larry Hama
Michael McConnohie
Michael Bell
B.J. Ward
Michael Richard Dobson
Morgan Lofting
50th Anniversary!
Sam Speers

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Our special guests include Hasbro-alumni Kirk Bozigian, G.I. Joe comic writer Larry Hama,
along with voice actors Michael McConnohie, who performed the voice of "Cross-Country",
Michael Bell, the voice of "Duke", B.J. Ward, the voice of "Scarlett", as well as
Michael R. Dobson, voice of "Cobra Commander", Morgan Lofting, voice of "Baroness",
and 1960's G.I. Joe product designer... Sam Speers!

They will be available all weekend, taking part in fan panels, autograph sessions,
plus the meet and greet for Golden Ticket holders!