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Question: Do you still have a discount shuttle coupon available for convention attendees?
Answer: Yes, we have the Mears shuttle discount coupon that you can here.

Question: I'm a Dealer at the show and wanted to know if I can send shipments directly to the Walt Disney World Dolphin Resort?
Answer: If you skid it and have a timed delivery on Thursday, there is no receiving charge as we will receive it for you. If you send individual boxes (Fedex, UPS, etc.) the hotel will charge you $6 per box but it can get there a day or two before the show. They may also charge you for storage.

Question: Can I still order the 12-inch "Drive into Danger" convention set?
Answer: Registration is now over. You have to wait until after the Convention, unless you are coming to the show. Then you will need to come to late registration on Friday April 1, 9:30 AM at the Dolphin Convention Center. Any remaining quantities will be at GIJoeClub Store about a week after the convention.



Question: I read the news about the carded 25A-style Dial-Tone and wanted to know when it will be sold at the show?
Answer: The carded Dial-Tone will be available starting Thursday night at the convention in our Club Store.

Question: When can the Aides buy the convention souvenirs?
Answer: Currently Aides will not be able to purchase the souvenirs until Saturday if there are any left by then.

Question: I would like to set up a dealer booth and sell items at GIJoeCon. Do I need to register as an exhibitor, or is there a different registration process?
Answer: Yes, you need to register as an exhibitor which is the same as a dealer. You can use the online registration system to sign up now.



Question: If I buy a Golden Ticket with my General/American Hero package and then add on an Aide Package to go along with it, does the Aide package holder also receive the Golden Ticket benefits?
Answer: The Golden Ticket benefits only apply to the Golden Ticket American Hero or Golden Ticket General's package holder, it DOES NOT apply to the Aide Package holder(GT) that was added on. Any Aide Packages added, regardless, do not receive the Golden Ticket Benefits.

Question: If I have already registered for a Convention package, is it possible to go back into the online registration system and add a tour or T-shirt?
Answer: Currently you can only add on the tours and T-shirts by going through the system again and choosing the $0.00 bypass on the package screen. Then pick what you want to add in tours or the shirt options.

If you want to add a loose set later (providing we still have them) you can use the paper form, fax it in and admin will process your order, mark the box at the top of the form that it is an "additional item to be added to an existing order". The processing fee will only be $6 for any additional items added.



Question: I'm excited to order a convention package but wanted to know if you accept PayPal?
Answer: No, we take Visa, Discover, American Express, checks and money orders.

Question: Is there a contest for the 8-inch Sigma 6 era custom figures?
Answer: That would have to go into the mini-diorama or diorama contest and be with the larger 12-inch figures.



Question: If I want more than one package (for myself), do I need to go through the registration more than one time?
Answer: No. When the registration system asks how many people you are registering put down as many people or packages you need to register. A single person can order more than one package. If this is your case, on the page after it asks how many people you want to register, just put the same name in each of the blanks.

Question: I want to register for the show and bring my wife with me. Since she is not a collector, is there a why to get her into the event without paying for another set package?
Answer: Your option is an Aide's package if you want her to have access during any day and the casino night dinner. Or you can just do a General Admission ticket on Saturday on Sunday.

Question: Do you have to register for a set package in order to be able to purchase a Mission Brazil II set, or can you purchase one with general admission?
Answer: The Mission Brazil II Set package includes full admission, please read the Information tab for more details.

Question: Other than purchasing both a General's & American Hero's package, is there any way to purchase both a Mission Brazil II and Drive into Danger 12" set if you're attending the convention?
Answer: No. That's how you do it. If you want multiples you just put down the number of packages you want. You will only get one name badge no matter how many packages have your name on them.



Question: How do I register for the 2011 GIJoeCon?
The convention registration is now live online. You can now sign-in to the event registration link...Click Here!

Please read the brochure and FAQs before you register to avoid any mis-steps.

Any cancellations or corrections may incur a fee. Please choose options carefully.

There is a $6 registration fee for use of the online system that will be charged at the end. This covers the expense of using the online system.

You can also download the registration forms and fax those in as well, but please note that there is a $25 administration handling fee if we do the registration for you.

There is no way to register over the phone, you must use the online system or fax/mail. If you have questions, please use the Contact Us email link.

In addition, the online registration system is immediate as to holding your place in line for the first 100 pins.

The paper registrations received will be processed as we can fit them into our admin schedule.

After an admin person reviews your registration, you will receive an email confirming our receipt of your registration. Please allow 72 hours for this confirmation.

Final registration schedules for package pick-up will be sent to you in March.

Also, when you register, if you or someone coming with you, do not have a screen name (that you use online) you can leave that field blank, it is not required.

Question: Is there a deadline for payment of the convention exclusive box sets?
Answer: Unknown, since the supply is limited and it is possible for the sets to sell out. However, we are already working on contingencies.

Question: If I order a "Mission Brazil II" box set, can I order two loose sets with it?
Answer: No, the loose sets are 1:1 with the box sets. Each box set that you order, you can order a loose set with it.



Question: If I live outside the U.S.A. and won't be able to travel to JoeCon, is there still a way to acquire one of the exclusive box sets?
Answer: Yes, you want to register for the "Homefront Hero" Package when registration opens.

Question: Who is eligible to go on the Cape Canaveral Tour? Only Club Officer Level Members? Aides, or anyone who pays the fee?
Answer: Anyone coming with you can sign up for the tour.

Question: Is there a package option for attendees who want to attend all events (tours, dealer room, panels, classes, seminars, and awards dinner), and not receive any figure sets?
Answer: You can do all of that except the dinner with the Sgt. package + Tour + Class.



Question: If I drive into the event, is there daily parking at the hotel and if so, how much?
Answer: Yes, daily parking is $5.00 at the hotel.

Question: When can I sign up for attending the convention and where can I buy the convention set?
Answer: First week in January. See the latest email to the GIJCC membership.



Question: Is there any discounted airfare package available for convention attendees?
Answer: We used to offer this, however, with the current state of the airline industry you can find cheaper fares by seaching online.

Question: The reservation block at the resort is apparently full, are they extending the same discounted rate for additional rooms?
Answer: Yes, they will continue to add rooms to the block until the hotel is full. Then we will have to look for an alternate location.

Question: Can attendees opt to stay in the hotel additional evenings after the convention ends and keep the same group rate?
Answer: Yes, the rate has shoulders of about a week on each side.



Question: Do you have to get a registered attendee package to buy the extra souvenir exclusives, or will they also be for sale to general admission?
Answer: The souvenir exclusives are produced in limited numbers and will be sold to registered attendees first. If any are left over, these will be available to general admission until sold out.

Question: How do I order the Homefront Hero's Package if I can't attend the convention?
Answer: You use the online registration system when we turn it on in January 2011.

Question: Will there be additional parachute drop figures available for purchase?
Answer: Yes. These will be available for sale at the convention GIJCC store.

Question: What are the general admission prices for Friday and Saturday, and what does the general admission include?
Answer: General Admission is only on Saturday and Sunday. Adults are $12 per day and Children $8 per day. GA gains access to the Exhibit Hall and Panels/Seminars on those days. Autograph bands are available and the cost is TBD at this point.



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