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Question: Can I change which Hasbro Tour group I'm assigned to?
Answer: You cannot change groups. The groups were determined in the order people signed up.

Question: I did not reserve a package deal and I can only attend Friday. What can I expect on Friday or is it just the Hasbro tour and package holder attendees?
Answer: Only registered guests can attend on Friday. You must have a package. There is a private preview from 3-6pm of the Exhibit Hall with the dealers.


Question: Along with access to the dealer room, what exactly is included with the general admission tickets?
Answer: You will have access to all the Seminars, but will have to purchase an autograph band for any autograph sessions. This is all included in the registered attendee packages.

Question: I received a "green" confirmation letter which puts me in group 1, but if I can't make at that scheduled time - can I still pick-up my package later?
Answer: Yes, you can pick up any time on Thursday night after your assigned time.

Question: What is the deadline for ordering the "Homefront Hero's" package ?
Answer: There is no deadline until we run out. If you want to have the shipping included in the price, we must have your order by April 16th. After the convention, if there are any in stock, the shipping will be extra.


Question: Do I need to purchase a convention package in order to enter the Custom Contests?
Answer: Yes, you must have a registered attendee package to enter the contests --- as the set up is on Friday.

Question: Will Club Members be allowed into the convention on Thursday or Friday, or will I have to purchase one of the special packages in order to attend the convention on those days?
Answer: You must have a package to attend Thursday night for first purchase of the souvenirs and on Friday for any of the events. As a registered attendee you can also attend the Hasbro tour if you register for it.


Question: Will Hasbro have new G.I. Joe or any Star Wars items for sale in the dealers room?
Answer: Hasbro doesn't sell anything at the show. However there are many dealers that will have these items for sale.

Question: Can you confirm that the Special Guests will be available to sign autographs at this convention?
Answer: Yes. All the guests announced so far will be available to sign autographs.


Question: Do we order the general admission tickets now or purchase when we arrive at the show?
Answer: You can get General Admission tickets at the door on Saturday and Sunday.

Question: Can I enter a custom 6-inch figure into the Franken-Joe Custom Contest?
Answer: No...1/18th scale only in Franken-Joe Contest. However, you can enter 6" figures into the small or large dio category.


Question: I was wondering if I send in the convention registration form for a non-attending package, would my credit card get charged for the set right away?
Answer: You are charged right away, as this reserves your set.

Question: For the "Franken-Joe" contest - the brochure says one 1/18th figure per entry. So If I made a figure and vehicle, would the custom figure still be eligible for this category?
Answer: If you put a vehicle with the figure, it goes into the small dio category.

Question: Do I have to send in a registration form to attend the JoeCon or is that only if you want to sign up for special events?
Answer: Only if you want to come to all of the activities. General admission only covers the dealer room on Saturday or Sunday. If you want the toys you have to send in a registration form which includes the events listed in the brochure.


Question: How do I know you got my fax?
Answer: Everyone will receive an email confirmation. Please do not email or call to confirm as we don't have the manpower to go through them and look. There are too many. Thanks for your patience.

Question: If I am on the Hasbro tour, am I eligible to pick up my package on Wednesday night?
Answer: Wednesday night early pick up is for those on the pre-convention tours (Wednesday or Thursday) or one of the classes (Thursday). If you are not participating in one of these activities, your pick up time will be on Thursday night or anytime thereafter. Each person will get a confirmation (going out in March) as to what your time slot will be on Thursday night. These slots are assigned in the order we receive the registration forms.

Question: Is the convention comic included with the non-attendee package?
Answer: Yes - each set comes with the comic book/program.


Question: I sent my registration form in by fax, when can you confirm that it was received?
Answer: Usually you will receive notification of receipt within 48hrs (excluding weekends).

Question: If I add a family member as an Aide, will they be able to buy everything I can?
Answer: There can be limits on what an Aide can purchase at the convention. It is on a show by show basis. Otherwise they can go to everything a General or American Hero can at a show.

Question: Is it possible to send in the registration form in any other ways than by fax?
Answer: Yes - you can send by Post Office mail.



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